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Silk Konjac Sponge-MK905CCP

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Silk Konjac Sponge-MK905CCP

Silk fibers contain many amino acids and protein to protect the skins from
aging. Silk Konjac Sponge can permeate the skin to repair and inhibit free radicals and
accelerate the collagen synthesis. It is able to nourish and leave skin
smooth, soft and supple. The protein in silk has more function, so it can
stimulate cellular regeneration and inhibit the formation of melanin.


Product Dimension:7.5cm x 2.5cm x 3.5cm



Delivery Method:By air

Supply Ability:150000/month

Package:In carton



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Name: US Standard Report
Reference: HKGH0093294602S1
Issued By: Intertek
Validity Period: 2009-11-23 ~
Range: cosmetic and toiletries products
Name: Europe Standard Report
Reference: HKGH0093294601S1
Issued By: Intertek
Validity Period: 2009-11-23 ~
Range: cosmetic